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20150829 The First "Cross-Strait Japan Studies Forum" was brought to a successful close

The First "Cross-Strait Japan Studies Forum" was held in Taipei in August 29th, 2015. 9 respectable experts from Institute of Japanese Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and 30 distinguished Taiwanese Japan scholars attended the forum and contributed to the lively discussion over the four major topics: "Japan's Shift of Poliitical Economy under the Abe-Administration", "Japan's Strategy of Social Culture under the Abe-Administration", "Japan's Defense and Diplomatic Strategy under the Abe-Administration", "The U.S.-Japan-China Triangle Relationship and The Transformation of Asia-Pacific". Thanks to the joint efforts of all parties The First "Cross-Strait Japan Studies Forum" has established a solid foundation of the development of Cross-Strait Japan Studies.

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