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Origin- The Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) was established in June 2010

1、The center was founded as a response to the close political, economic, industry, technology, and social exchanges between Taiwan and Japan.

2、Major universities in Europe, the United States and China have focused on Japanese Studies as a key area of research.

3、Previously, Taiwan's academia generally focused on Japanese language, history, and culture courses, without in depth focus on Japan’s social science researches in the fields such as politics, economics, industry, technology, and society.

4、The Center for Japanese Studies plays a key role in southern Taiwan promoting research and acts as an interaction platform for Japan scholars and students.


Mission- CJS as an interaction and exchange platform for Japanese research in southern Taiwan

1、To integrate academic resources in southern Taiwan (with a focus on social science researches in Japanese politics, economy, industry, technology and society).

2、To foster and support international exchange opportunities among experts and scholars.

3、To promote and enhance an interest in Japanese studies in Taiwanese society.

4、To revitalize domestic Japanese research in order to cultivate Japan's research and development talents.


Core Functions- CJS has had a wide range of academic development.

1、Organizing both national and international seminars.

2、Assembling Japanese Studies expert seminars and lecture series.

3、Implementation of research projects.

4、International exchange opportunities activities.

5、Assisting scholarly research and communication