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The Political Economy of Japan

The Political Economy of Japan-Syllabus

   Professor:Kuo, Yujen,Assistant Professor, Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, NSYSU
  This course examines the development of postwar Japanese capitalism which was long admired for creating a growth “miracle” but has been challenged by over a decade of stagnation. I will guide students to explore the guiding ideology behind Japanese model through discussing several critical questions, such as: What were the political and economic conditions that allowed Japan to emerge as the first non-Western state to industrialize and become a major economic power? How has postwar Japan responded “strategically” to both internal and external constraints and opportunities? How and why did the model fail in the early 1990s? And what are the natures and impacts of the regulatory reforms? What are the developments (changes and continuities) of Japanese capitalism after the 1990s?

  The course also investigates policy lessons from Japan’s experiences. Focus will be on evaluating institutions that regulate government-society relations.


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