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20161203 Japan Studies in the Asia-Pacific New Dynamics :2016 International Conference on Japanese Studies



Entering the 21st century, the growing trend of integration in the Asia-Pacific regions is inevitable; nonetheless, the politics and security of East Asian countries and region has progressed precariously and is moving fast towards an unknown direction. Essentially, countries are considered to be independent individuals under a power structure in the current international situation. However, on the other hand, one country could be affected easily due to its system as well as the structure, and could proliferate to countries out of the region, such as the United States and European countries. Under this background, Japan’s economic results and strategy endeavors is connected to traditional/ non-traditional security issues. Also, Japan’s significant relations with the US, China, Russia, Korea and Taiwan has given reason for further research on relative issues of the Asia-Pacific region. Military Strategy/ Foreign Affairs/ Industry Policy/ Society Culture research on Japan has been surging forward in recent years; the field and model of Japanese studies will serve as the basis for Taiwan’s academia and provide reference to policy makers in Taiwan. This Year, The Seventh Annual Conference of Japanese Studies selected the topic “Asia-Pacific New Phase: Research on Japanese Studies”, which in order to help create a boom in Japanese studies within Taiwan and promote diversity and interactions throughout the field.

1.          Theme

Japan Politics

Japan Economics & Industries

Japan National Security

Japan & International Relations

Society/History & Culture in Japan

2.          Organizers: Taiwan Society of Japan Studies, TSJS/ Center for Japanese Studies, NSYSU/ 

                                 Department of East Asian Studies, NTNU.

3.          Location: National Taiwan Normal University
             (Heping campus:162, Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei 10610, Taiwan)

4.          Time: 2016/12/03-12/04(Sat.& Sun.)

5.          Language: Chinese, English, Japanese

6.          Website/Info: http://cfjs.nsysu.edu.tw/files/13-1167-153542.php?Lang=zh-tw

Contact Person

Assistant Researcher, Ms. Yi-Li Lin

Center for Japanese Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University

TEL:(07)525-2000 ext. 5642、5643 / Email: cfjsaa@mail.nsysu.edu.tw , cfjs2012@gmail.com

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