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20170301 Dr. Kuo, Yujen attends Naval METOC Office as a Keynote Speaker

      On 1st March 2017, Secretary General of TSJS, Dr. Kuo, Yujen was invited by the Naval METOC Office R.O.C. as a Keynote Speaker, his title is " US-Japan Alliance on Asia Pacific Strategy".  Japan, located in East Asia is as a crucial partner for US, therfore, US-Japan's alliance is not only a platform but also mechanism for US extending its political, economic and military influences. Also, US-Japan's Strategy Structure, Military Force Deposition, Military Technology Development, as well as Foreign Diplomacy have a complentary and focusing point on each other. Owing to the fact that US-Japan alliance is focusing on security standards, its content as well as policy has a lot adjustment to do with Asia-Pacific region's dynamic situation. Japan's recent security reform dues to China and North Korea's potential threats; in other words,  the threats have intensed the range and strenghth for two countries showing US-Japan's alliance ties.
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