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20201203 CJS Director Dr. Yujen Kuo talked to DPP's Strengthen Taiwan Forum

CJS Director Dr. Yujen Kuo talked to DPP's series forum "Strengthen Taiwan" on Dec. 3, 2020, Taipei. Dr. Kuo shared his views on Taiwan's strategy toward the new Indo-Pacific dynamics. Dec. 3 is the first of the series forum "Strengthen Taiwan, the Country Will be Safe (「壯大台灣國家就安全」座談會)."
Dr. Kuo warned that the purpose China signed RCEP with Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries is to isolate Taiwan politically via regional economic integration. Taiwan should informe the U.S. and other partner countries of China's intention soon, because global economic and political development will move much faster once COVID-19 vaccines are available around the world. There is the need to provide China incentives to negotiate with Taiwan, in order to solve the Cross-strait political gridlock.
Dr. Kuo suggested Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen should strengthen Taiwan by developing economic and social capability, demonstrating national capacity, and shaping Taiwan-friendly international environment. A more Taiwan-friendly international environment could provide China incentives to negotiate with Taiwan. The 10 arm sales packages by the U.S. under Trump Administration, Japan's supporting Taiwan to join the Japan-led CPTPP, etc. are examples that could motivate China to negotiate with Taiwan.
Dr. Kuo assessed that a Biden Administration will initiate Indo-Pacific Strategy 2.0 and maintain friendly Taiwan-U.S. relations. In this context, Dr. Kuo suggested, firstly, Tawian should build The Avengers coalition with same-minded countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc., in order to cope with challenges from China. Secondly, Taiwan government and the ruling DPP should clearly inform the U.S. of the specific legislations that could help Taiwan. For example, Dr. Kuo elaborated, Taiwan's unilateral legislations could regulate Taiwan's high-tech business behaviors only limitedly, while U.S. as the tech sources of Taiwan's high-tech businesses could regulate extensively their behaviors through U.S.'s unilateral legislations on key, sensitive technologies.
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